Hiclass Tokyo (HT) designs and discloses our Terms of Use. Members’ privacy is most important to us. This Terms of Use is originally written in Japanese and this is an English-translated version. In case the contents of English and Japanese conflicts, Japanese agreement controls. Hiclass Tokyo encourage to read our Agreement, Terms of Use, or any related principle stated in our website for all members or non-members who are applying for our membership.

1. What We Are

Hiclass Tokyo (HT) is a private organization operated by HT committee and strictly complies to “Tokyo Metropolitan Regulation to Control Date Club Operation (東京都デートクラブ営業等の規制に関する条例)” enacted in June 13,1997.(Business Permission Number 2594)

2. Scope of Terms of Use

All members of HT (Members) or non-members who are applying for our membership agree to be bound by Membership Agreement (Agreement) and Terms of Use (Terms) when using our service.

3. Our Service

HT commits to arrange intermediately Members’ first-time date setting (Setting) and encourage proper relationship between Members. HT is solely obligated to screen identity and arrange Settings. HT cannot guarantee accuracy of Member profile on the website or any specific result from our service. Also HT is not responsible for any actual or potential complaint, damage or loss occurred in personal relationship between Members.

4. Business Hours

HT opens everyday unless notifies holidays separately. HT accepts all application email-forms 24 hours a day, and application or inquiry via phone within our business hours from 10am to 8pm. When we are not able to answer your phone, please leave your message and we will return you immediately.

5. Concluding Contract

(Male Member)

All male applicants may register as Member stipulated in our Membership Agreement. Member may order for service via email or phone. HT will contacts designated female Member for Setting order immediately after HT confirms required payment for each classification.

(Female Member)

All female applicants may register as Member stipulated in our Membership Agreement. HT will send Setting offer via email or phone to designated female Member. The female Member can or cannot accept our Setting offer via email or phone.

6. Confidentiality

  1. Members or non-members who are applying for our membership must use any information obtained in the course of our service solely for the purpose of our service and shall not disclose it to any third party.
  2. HT will not disclose any obtained personal information, contents and history of Setting to any third person without prior consent unless;
  • When a governmental authority or legal agency requires for investigation.
  • When HT has doubt in the submitted information or consider Member has violated law according to our Membership Cancellation policy in Membership Agreement and determines it is necessary to submit obtained information to public or private investigation agency for identity verification or other use.

7. Registration Fee, Setting Fee, Cancellation Policy

Please refer Article 7, Registration Fee, Setting Fee of Membership Agreement for details.

8. Etiquette Guideline

All Members are responsible for action during first-time meeting according to Article 3 of Terms. Furthermore, HT considers all Members are qualified all membership requirement stipulated in Membership Agreement and act in legally and socially accepted etiquette and manners in order to protect our value and efficient operation.

9. Our Action for Violation

HT is not responsible for any damage or loss incurred when a Member forces to illegal or offensive activity resulting emotionally or physically damage to the other Member or any third person. Also HT will claim for all actual damage and expected opportunity loss that HT calculates according to Article 6 of Membership Agreement.

10. Dispute

Any doubt, dispute or matter related to Members’ personal relationship and not provided herein will be determined with mutual consultation in good faith between Members.

11. Jurisdiction

When a conflict stipulated in Article 10 is difficult to resolve and seek for fair judgment from third party, the case will be brought to the jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.