Sugar Matchmaking



We provide an exclusive matchmaking service for wealthy gentlemen. Unlike other dating-clubs in Tokyo, we commit to provide a variety of beautiful ladies seeking for genuine feelings of love and long-term relationship beneficial for both partner. (We DO NOT provide professional women for outcall service.)

We are responsible to operate business ethically because your privacy is our highest priority. Our service is legally authorized by Tokyo Regulations and we strictly obligate to applicable laws and regulations.

Our service includes; introduce well-selected ladies and arrange first date or private mixers.

Finding your perfect sugar baby became easy for you.

3 Steps to Join Us

STEP1 Registration

First, Please make a reservation for 30-minute interview. We will issue a membership after the interview. If you have an inquiry before registration, please feel free to contact us.

STEP2 Arrangement

After the registration, male-member can browse a members-only website to choose your potential sugar baby to meet. We will arrange your first dating.

STEP3 First Dating

Please start your first date at a restaurant or cafe. During your first date, please politely discuss how you wish to start your relationship with a new partner. Either party can decide not to continue further relationship. In such case, please decline the proposal in good faith.


Having a respective mentor changes your life dramatically. We effectively offers such chance for attractive young ladies.

Benefit and perks

Financial Stability

You can avoid worry about your unpaid bills any more. This kind security gives you to grow, learn, and even expand your future plan.

Respective Mentor

They have generous hearts and will give you invisible gifts sometimes more valuable than money.

Better Personal Connection

Relationship with a sugar daddy can boost your chance to meet more upscale people. The advantages of such connection are obvious.

* An applicant must be at least 18 years old with residential permission in Japan. Please read and accept our Agreement and Terms of Use before applying for a membership.


We help you wasting your valuable time and money to find the right woman you dream of. We kindly request that all applicant must be over 25 yrs old gentleman who receives monthly income at least 1million JPY.Please read and accept our Agreement and Terms of Use before applying for a membership.


Registration Fee¥20,000¥40,000¥100,000
Setting Fee¥20,000¥40,000¥100,000
Annual Fee(2nd year)¥20,000¥20,000¥20,000

Registration Fee

Registration fee is required to receive a one-year membership.

Setting Fee

The Setting fee is required to apply for a first date with our female member. You DO NOT need to re-pay a setting fee to us to meet your date for second time. Please directly contact her for next date.

Annual Fee

Annual fee is required to extend your membership for another one-year.

PAYMENT METHOD: Credit card or Banking

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